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Fortnite maker sues Apple after removal of game from App Store – In a statement, Apple said Fortnite had been removed because Epic had launched the payment feature with the “express intent.

You can clear the cache on Disney Plus if you’re having trouble watching Disney Plus and you’ve ruled out a bad internet.

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Just like your PC or Mac, a lot of what ails your Android phone can be fixed with a simple restart. Laggy navigation, crashing apps, and system quirks can be cleared easily that way. But some maladies.

How to clear cache on an Android phone – ANDROID phones benefit from the occasional clearance of the app cache. Here is how to clear the cache on an Android device.

A massive explosion rocked Beirut on Tuesday, flattening much of the city’s port, damaging buildings across the capital and sending a giant mushroom.

Android users can now share content with others in proximity, using Nearby Share. They just have to simply tap one device,

This week’s Android Circuit includes the new Galaxy Note 20, the Google Pixel 4a reviews, Pixel takes on Nord and iPhone SE,

You might need to clear your cache on Hulu to improve its speed and performance if you’re having issues.