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There’s going to church and then there’s the church. Right now, a lot of church is available without any ‘going’ involved. Streaming, zooming, youtube-ing (not like we do on the Big Sur River), audio.

Créer Un Post Sur Linkedin La nouvelle interface de LinkedIn est déployée sur tous les comptes, ou ne devrait plus tarder à l’être. L’ancien bandeau de publication unique pour partager une nouvelle ou publier un article (sur la plateforme de publication Pulse) évolue. Les hashtags sur LinkedIn sont une arme pour votre prospection B2B et un gain de productivité indéniable

Local Bands/Acts Streaming Concerts – and the main format for this is through virtual tip jars appended to the live sets that local band people and solo artists.

With that income stream gone, he predicted, “we’re gonna be right up against it.

La Pierre took heart when she saw her.

Tutoriel Stream - Comment streamer sur Youtube ?What footballers are doing this weekend amid coronavirus suspensions – With most football postponed for the foreseeable future because of the coronavirus, here’s what some of game’s top players.